Media Release – #OccupyPerth backs Noongar Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island

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Occupy Perth backs Noongar Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island

Media statement: Occupy Perth Collective – Thursday February 16, 2012

Occupy Perth today welcomed the establishment of the Noongar Embassy on Heirisson Island.

The group praised the embassy as an important part of the movement for Aboriginal self-determination and land rights. To demonstrate their support, Occupy Perth activists will gather at the embassy this evening at 6.30pm.

Dave Suter of Occupy Perth condemned the “ongoing land grabs by the State Government in the south-west”.

“Occupy Perth supports the Noongar embassy and stand with them against the institutionalised racism of the state toward Aboriginal people.”

Mr Suter, who is also a member of the WA Deaths in Custody Committee, said “Occupy Perth is shoulder to shoulder with the Noongar people in their struggle against the Barnett government and the big mining interests they represent”.

Occupy Perth’s Emma Brown said the group “supports the right of aboriginal people to self determination, and to have control of their own lives”.

“Control of country is a vital element in self-determination. In our own fight against the dictatorship of the one per cent we can never forget the long struggle of the Noongar people for their rights, liberty and dignity," said Ms Brown.

Media Contact: Dave Suter – 0414465089!/occupyperth


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