#SeaShepherd E-News: Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen Freed

Dear Tony,

Sea Shepherd is not a protest organization. We are an interventionist, anti-poaching organization. Our volunteer driven international activism shows results in terms of actual numbers saved. In other words — we deliver.

Please support us so we can continue to deliver the lives of whales, dolphins, seals, sharks, and other sea creatures from the shameful hands of those who pillage and plunder the oceans in the name of profit and greed.

Erwin Released from Detention
Final Verdict to Come February 22nd
Things are looking up for Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen! Following closing arguments by the prosecution and defense on Feb 16, the trial court judge signed an order presented by the defense for Erwin to be released from custody pending the judge’s verdict, which will be delivered on Feb 22.

Erwin has now rejoined his fellow Cove Guardians but will be back in court on Feb 22 to hear the judge’s verdict on the assault charges. The prosecution has only asked for a small fine of 100,000 Yen ($1,300 USD) should Erwin be found guilty. No jail time was requested. (more)

If you would like to help with Erwin’s legal fees, please donate to our Legal Defense and Education fund.

Op Divine Wind in Effect Until End of March

We have had the Japanese whaling fleet on the run for over sixty days and we will keep them on the run through snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, icebergs, ice floes, high winds, and heavy seas as long as possible.

This has become an epic campaign for many reasons. We have endured months at sea and bad weather, but we are interfering drastically with their whale killing operations and we will continue to do so until the end of March when the Antarctic ice will force the whale serial killers from the Southern Ocean. (more)

The ICR’s Injunction is Denied
The same day a Japanese judge in Japan ordered Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen to be freed, a US District Court judge in Washington made a ruling denying a request from the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) to have Sea Shepherd’s bank accounts frozen and halt our activity in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Indeed, Feb 16th was a good day in court for Sea Shepherd. (more)

Sea Shepherd Crewmember Knocked into Antarctic Waters by Japanese Water Cannon
The illegal whalers are growing more and more desperate with each passing day. They are now showing complete disregard for human life.

Nine miles away from our vessel, the Steve Irwin, our crewmember Beck Straussner was carrying out a direct action confrontation with the Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru No. 2 when he was knocked off his jet ski into frigid Antarctic waters by the Yushin Maru No. 2‘s water cannon. (more)

Cove Guardian Radios Banned by Police in Taiji
The Police in Taiji keep changing the rules in their ongoing effort to protect the slaughter of dolphins at the infamous Japanese killing Cove.

They have issued the Cove Guardians a notice stating they would be arrested if they don’t use Japanese made two-way radios, which would allow police to monitor their communications. (more)

Watch CTV’s Profile on Captain Paul Watson
Canada’s largest television network recently did a fantastic profile on the life of Captain Paul Watson. The segment was surprisingly positive and informative.

If you want to learn about Captain Watson’s life, the genesis of Sea Shepherd, and our campaigns, check out the article and then watch the video segment by CTV. (more)<

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