#Australia secret Govt meetings on #piracy & #copyright must be revealed – says @senatorludlam

WA Senator moves for disclosure on anti-piracy meetings

Media release: Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, Greens communications spokesperson, March 21st, 2012

The Australian Greens will move in the Senate that the Government disclose details of a closed-door anti-piracy meeting held in February between the Attorney General’s Department, internet service providers and the film, TV and music industries.

"The Government refuses to reveal almost any information about the attendees, the substance or the outcomes of the meeting. A Freedom of Information request from a journalist looks like it’s been met with maximum resistance,”1 said the Greens communications spokesperson, WA Senator Scott Ludlam.

"Major ISPs and representatives of the film, television and music industries have held a series of meetings with the Attorney-General’s Department to discuss an industry fix to the issue of online copyright infringement. This would be fine if everyone was at the table. But for some reason, former Attorney General McClelland decided to lock out the people that actually matter – the people who produce the content, and the people who purchase and use the content.”

“Even with the best will in the world, simply inviting the intermediaries to come up with something that suits their collective commercial interests is hardly an encouraging recipe for looking after the public interest. I acknowledge that ISPs have done their best to prevent predatory behaviour by rights holders in the past, but there’s no substitute for a diversity of views in a forum such as this.”

“New Attorney General Roxon has inherited this situation from the former AG, and I call on her to table this material in an act of good faith and open the doors of these meetings so that the public can get a sense of what’s being cooked up.”

Senator Ludlam’s order for the production of documents asks that lists of invitees and attendees, notes and minutes arising from the meeting, any documentation issued to attendees, departmental correspondence regarding the meeting and any documents relating to future meetings be tabled in the Senate, on Thursday 22 March.

1. http://delimiter.com.au/2012/03/19/blackout-govt-piracy-meeting-completely-censored/

Media Contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

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