Great news, creative commons release of archives – ABC creates #Australia first in content sharing

ABC leads with an Australian first in content sharing with Wikimedia Commons

The ABC has today created an Australian first by releasing video content from the ABC archives directly to Wikimedia Commons. It is the first time that an Australian broadcaster, commercial or public, has donated video footage directly to Wikimedia, making it available to the general public under a Creative Commons license.

This development builds on the ABC Open Archive initiatives that the ABC has previously undertaken to open its archives to the public with the ABC archives Flickr photo-stream, ABC Pool and the ABC Learn initiatives. By doing so, the ABC is supporting the work of creative producers and making some of its unique content available to a broader audience with a license that explicitly allows remix and commercial use.

“The ABC is proud to be the first Australian broadcaster to release content into the Wikimedia Commons. Among the clips we are releasing today is incredible footage of Jean Shrimpton’s visit to the Melbourne Cup, Cathy Freemans win at the Sydney Olympics, the Tampa Affair, the floating of the Australian Dollar, and the Waterfront dispute. Sharing content in this way not only makes more ABC content available to everyone, it also facilitates creativity and the possibility of new audiences for the footage.” – Angela Clark, Director of ABC Innovation.

Content released includes several clips from the recently launched ABC website 80 Days That Changed Our Livesas well as some gems of perhaps otherwise forgotten moments in recent Australian history.

Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository website that makes public domain and freely-licensed educational media content freely available. When users upload a file to Wikimedia Commons, they give anyone the license to use, copy, remix and adapt the content.

Creative Commons is a non-profit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright. By licensing content under one of the Creative Commons licenses, the user allows anyone to use their content in a creative way that still respects their copyright. Creative Commons Australia is hosted by the ARC Centre for Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation.

View all the ABC material on Wikimedia Commons here or click through to each item below:

Creation of APEC – 1989

Tracking Apollo 11 – 1969

The first ATM – 1969

The Black Box invented – 1985

Clarke predicts the internet – 1974

Daylight Savings adopted – 1970

Decimal Currency introduced – 1964

Floating of the Australian Dollar – 1983

Garnaut Asia Report – 1989

Jean Shrimpton visits the Melbourne Cup – 1965

Lindy Chamberlain released – 1986

ABC mobile studio – 1940

Penhalluriack action – 1982

The Petrov Affair – 1970

Freeman wins at Sydney Olympics – 2000

The Tampa Affair – 2001

Waterfront Dispute – 1998

World Series Cricket started – 1977

ABC’s first broadcast – 1956

The end of 6 o’clock closing – 1967

Smoking banned in pubs – 2007

40th anniversary of the Westgate Bridge disaster – 2010

For more information and to arrange an interview with ABC Producer, Astrid Scott, please contact:

ABC Gemma Gray
Marketing and Publicity Coordinator, ABC Innovation
E gray.gemma

ABC first to donate content to Wikimedia Commons.pdf

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