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Black Dog Ride Newsletter

Media Release – National 1 Day Ride


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You can help make a difference in your community by forwarding this media release to family, friends and work colleagues.

MEDIA RELEASE – Date 30 March2012


Depression awareness initiative, the Black Dog Ride, revs up its inaugural National 1 Day Ride around Australia in late April to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

Motorbike riders from every state and territory will embark on the locally coordinated ride. Many will carry a black dog mascot on board, in an attempt to break the world record for most black dogs on motorbikes.

The Black Dog Ride National 1 Day Ride will also aim to raise money for Lifeline. The nationwide telephone crisis support service speaks to around 1400 callers a day. On average, 50 of those calls are from people at high risk of suicide. “We hope this ride will help raise awareness of our shocking suicide death toll, and help us towards realising our vision of an Australia free of suicide,” Lifeline’s Director of Communications Chris Wagner said today.

“The National 1 Day Ride will not only raise awareness about depression, but help Lifeline continue to provide a crucial community service. Our crisis support volunteers are always available for help with a crisis. One call to Lifeline could be the difference between a suicide attempt and the road to recovery,” Mr Wagner said.

The one day rides will take place on 29 April in every state and territory, except Tasmania which will take place on 22 April. They will be real community events with a range of activities at both the origin and destination of each ride.

The ride is the brainchild of Steve Andrews. After losing his mother and several friends to suicide, he aspired to help remove the stigma associated with depression. “Four weeks after the birth of my fourth child, my mother tragically took her own life. I did not understand why at the time, but have subsequently discovered that she had, for many years, battled depression,” Mr Andrews said.

“Depression is an illness, not a weakness, and effective treatments are available. If we talk about depression and work together we can make a difference.”

“Steve’s motivation is palpable and we hope our involvement will help instil and drive his passion for suicide prevention into as many people as possible,” Mr Wagner said. All licensed and competent riders are invited to join in. The rides are for people who are enthusiastic about motorbikes and want to make a difference in our community.

For information, including location and start times, go to www.blackdogride.com.au

For further information or comment contact: Chris Wagner- Lifeline – 0434 378 939

For information about the Rides, call: Steve Andrews – 0408 868 500

Please support our cause by making a Donation to Lifeline.

Help spread the word – forward this newsletter to a friend!
Black Dog Ride PO Box 524, Claremont 6910, Western Australia.

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