Call for Speakers: #140edu 2012 (Jul 31 / Aug 1)

Announcing #140edu: July 31-Aug in New York City
Today I am announcing the return of #140edu, a conference taking place July 31-August 1 at the 92nd St Y in New York City where we will explore the State of Education: NOW, and the underlying effects the real-time web is having on Education. The event website is

Ever since the first #140conf event in New York City back in June 2009, I have been looking at the effects of the real-time web on Education. Last year, the #140edu provided a platform for: students, parents, elementary and secondary school teachers, college professors and high school principals and school administrators (and others) to be heard. We are looking forward to including even more voices at the upcoming event.

In an attempt to provide more attention and more voices to the educators of the world, I have partnered with Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) – Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.

It is our goal to take a hard look at the State of Education: NOW and provide a platform for educators, parents, students, administrators, school boards, together with anyone and everyone with a vested interest in the state of education a chance to be heard and ideas shared and explored.

Ticket Prices for this 2 day event will remain the same as last year. Tickets are $140 for vendors / suppliers in the Education ecosystem; $14 for Students and $1.40 for Educators. Registration for #140edu is now open.

The changes in the way we live our lives must create change in the way we teach and learn. The real-time web should create profound changes in the way we think about what, how and why students and teachers can do, create and communicate. The very nature of what we consider "school" should be radically different given the powerful reach of the communicate tools our students have at their disposal. #140edu is dedicated to exploring
and expanding that change. Join us.


A Call For Speakers

With today’s "Call for Speakers" we are looking for creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to come forward and pitch me something relevant they would like to discuss from inside the respective worlds of the education segment they are operating in. Educators from around the world are encouraged to come forward and share their ideas. Students and parents are also encouraged to come forward and share their perspectives. And anyone and/or everyone who has a vested interested in the State of Education NOW are invited to come forward and share their perspective. Our hope is to have a variety of industries represented at our first event.

In the tradition of the #140Conf events, individual presentations will be 10 minutes long and panels will run 15 to 20 minutes.

The conference will explore a range of topics from best practices to the legal issues to the natural conflict of personal and corporate friending. Plus a wide range of related topics that I hope to hear from the people who come forward to speak at this conference. I’m looking for first-hand accounts of how the real-time web is being applied and the impact it is happening in across the education world. My goal is to bring together a great group of Characters to both lead and contribute to the discussions.

The take-aways from this event will provide the attending delegates knowledge, perspectives and insights to the next wave of effects the real-time Internet will have on education.

What we hope to bring together is a gathering of people with a variety of backgrounds and together explore the future of where things are going and how to best prepare the education community at large to get there.

We would appreciate your help in spreading awareness of this event, 140edu. To get a sense for this conference, we recommend viewing some of the videos from our 2011 event.

If you are interested in speaking at: #140edu, please submit your speaking proposal by Friday, May 18, 2012. The link is: The first to submit will be the first we consider for the event.

We are also looking for sponsors and for exhibitors to be part of our conference. For more information about sponsoring and exhibiting, please send email to: alan

So please, think about what YOU could contribute to the dialog, and who you may know who would be interested in being part of this event.

Your help again would be appreciated in spreading awareness of the conference to the people who you are connected with on your social networks.

Best regards & hugs,



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