#SeaShepherd E-News: 35 years of direct action

Dear Tony,

You made it happen! Because of your support we have just completed the most successful year of our thirty-five year history. During the last year we mounted two campaigns to the Southern Ocean to defend whales, a campaign to the Mediterranean to defend bluefin tuna, a campaign to the Faeroe Islands to defend pilot whales, a campaign to Namibia to defend South African fur seals, a campaign to Taiji, Japan to defend dolphins, and we have an on-going campaign to stop poachers in the Galapagos.

Sea Shepherd continues to be the most aggressive and most active marine conservation organization in the world. Your support makes it possible for us to keep doing what we do best – defending ocean wildlife and habitats worldwide.

Conflict of Interest!
CITES Infiltrated by Shark-Finning Advocate
With shark populations facing extinction in every part of the world, and the appetite for shark fin soup being the #1 demand causing the the overfishing of this apex predator, someone who is an advocate for shark-finning should not be in CITES deciding which species get protection. This is corruption within the very agency that was created to protect populations of plants and animals that are threatened or endangered. (more)

Victory for the Dolphins in Switzerland
The dolphin massacre that happens in the Cove in Taiji, Japan is directly tied to demand from aquariums and dolphinariums around the world who use these intelligent, sentient dolphins for human entertainment. The dolphins who are not chosen for a life in captivity are slaughtered for their (highly poisonous) meat.

As more countries ban the importation of dolphins (and transit carriers ban live transport of dolphins), this cruel industry will fade and die. Most recently, Switzerland has taken a stance and is spearheading the this great effort. (more)

Oregon to Kill "Protected" Sea Lions
Federally protected California sea lions at the Bonneville Dam in Oregon, United States, are in trouble, and the outcome of a pending court case could have a serious impact on the future protection of endangered and threatened species in the US.

In an effort to protect salmon populations, the National Marine Fisheries Services has made a decision to allow State Wildlife Agencies to kill up to 460 of these protected sea lions over the next five years. This is despite hard science that clearly indicates the sea lions only consume 1% of the salmon. The real culprit to the demise of the salmon populations… human activity. (more)

The Brigitte Bardot Will Fly Again
After being struck by a rogue wave and having its hull cracked in the "furious 50" latitude during Operation Divine Wind, our fast interceptor vessel, the Brigitte Bardot will fly again.

Many thanks to our world-class team of naval architects and our generous supporters, which will enable "our bird" to fly again! (more)

The 35th Anniversary of Sea Shepherd
We are very proud to announce that 2012 is the 35th year of Sea Shepherd’s direct action in defense of marine animals and habitats worldwide.

Please join us in the city or in the mountains for one of these very special anniversary celebrations.

New York, New York – May 4th

Lyons, Colorado – May 11th

e-Store Sale Items
The Sea Shepherd e-Store has many items on sale like this Women’s Jolly Roger Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

With each purchase you make, you are helping to fund our campaigns to defend, conserve, and protect marine wildlife worldwide.

Shop to support!

Our ships and crew never rest, moving from one crisis situation to another, saving lives and shutting down illegal slaughter. It is an expensive operation and without our international crew of volunteers and your generous support we would not be able to accomplish as much as we have. You help us to look at what seems impossible, and you help us to achieve triumph against all obstacles to make the impossible – possible! We are you, and you are us, and together we are the Shepherds of the Sea. Thank-you.

For the oceans,

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President

Sea Shop

Check out the Jolly Roger Reverse Applique Corps Cap!


Am I a "Real" Canadian?


Captain Peter Hammarstedt discusses the success of Operation Divine Wind

Watch now!

Ways to Donate

Want to help Sea Shepherd with more than monetary donations?

Check out the other ways to donate to support our marine protection mission.


Want to attend an official Sea Shepherd fundraiser
or event?

Join us in one of the following areas:

• Apr 5-9 – Byron Bay
• Apr 6-9 – Melbourne*
*Steve Irwin ship tours
• Apr 7 – Brisbane
• Apr 7 – Canberra
• Apr 8 – Sunshine Coast
• Apr 14 – Tasmania
• Apr 14 – Brisbane
• Apr 15 – Sunshine Coast
• Apr 21 – Brisbane
• Apr 22 – Sunshine Coast
• Apr 27-29 – Melbourne
• Apr 28 – Brisbane
• Apr 29 – Sunshine Coast

Belgium & Netherlands
• Apr 14-15 – Spy

• Apr 14-15 – Joue-les-Tours
• Apr 18-22 – Lorient
• May 1 – La Rochelle

• Apr 14-15 – Viareggio
• Apr 18-22 – Venezia

• May 5 – Westmeath

North America
• Apr 14 – Friday Hbr, WA
• Apr 14 – Carlisle, OH
• Apr 14 – Calabasas, CA
• Apr 14 – Sewell, NJ
• Apr 15 – Richardson, TX
• Apr 19 – Houston, TX
• Apr 21 – Cape May, NJ
• Apr 21 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
• Apr 21 – Jacksonville, FL
• Apr 21-22 – Dallas, TX
• Apr 21-22 – Tacoma, WA
• Apr 23 – Denver, CO
• Apr 27 – St. Augustine, FL
• May 4 – New York, NY*
*with Capt Paul Watson
• May 8 – Brunswick, ME*

*with Capt Paul Watson

• May 11 – Lyons, CO*
*with Capt Paul Watson


The slaughter of 20,000 dolphins, porpoises, and small whales occurs in Japan each year!

Stand with the Cove Guardians to stop this!

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