#australia #mining Co’s admit they are scared… scared of @GetUp, scared of paying their share

This just in from GetUp….

Dear tony,

I was just listening to the news. Did you hear this?

On ABC radio, the Minerals Council announced a new print ad campaign in today’s papers and said it was in response to GetUp members.

Here’s what Minerals Council CEO Mitch Hooke said: "We are in the field to counter what is being claimed by many that we’re not paying our way… by activist groups like GetUp,"

Why? He continues, "we’ve got this fear, and it’s well grounded… that they’re softening up the public, creating the perception that we’re not paying our way, and rendering us an easier hit for new taxes under the budget."

That’s because this month, GetUp members put a message on the air from three inspiring women — teacher, Michelle, aged care worker Inge and nursing specialists Janice, and Clare. They ask Treasurer Swan not to cave to the industry, but use the money for better health care and education.

The Minerals Council are worried that in next month’s budget, the Government might cut juicy taxpayer handouts to the mining industry, like their diesel fuel tax rebate. They say they can’t afford it. This from the industry that made Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer and Andrew Forrest the richest people in the country.

I’m so proud to work with Janice, Michelle and Clare, and to see the Minerals Council responding to the ad! If you haven’t seen their message, check it out here:


Well done, everyone, and let’s keep it up.
Simon & the team at GetUp!

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