From @antloewenstein : Latest newsletter on AfPak and our privatised world

Thursday 26, April 2012

Afghanistan, Pakistan and the post 9/11 war economy

Dear all,

The post 9/11 world has created a vibrant and highly profitable war economy. Countless corporations in the West and beyond saw a unique opportunity to support American designs in the "war on terror". This has created a vast, unaccountable network of companies that have contributed little to the building of nations but a great deal to their bottom line.

I’ve just returned from Afghanistan and Pakistan investigating disaster capitalism in both nations since 9/11 for a forthcoming book and documentary. Private security and militias and privatised intelligence is now a major way the West fights its futile wars and yet this world remains largely unreported.

I’ve written a number of feature stories on my work. For Lebanon’s Al Akhbar, here is my piece on Pakistan and another one on Afghanistan. For Australian publication Crikey, here’s my piece on Pakistan and the one on Afghanistan.

My photos of Afghanistan are here and the collection from Pakistan here and here.

In other news:

Interview on ABCTV’s The Drum talking about my visit to Afghanistan and Murdoch thuggery in Britain.

My chapter on blogging and new media in the Encyclopaedia of Global Studies.

My review of two new books that challenge the imperial agenda of Canada’s Michael Ignatieff and the New York Times‘ Thomas Friedman.

Review in the Melbourne Sunday Age and Sydney Sun Herald of a stunning new book, Dirty Money, that discusses the negative effect of mining companies on Australia and its environment.

My lecture at Sydney’s Israeli Apartheid Week event at the University of Sydney in March.

Interview on Radio Adelaide about 2012 Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israeli politics.

– Next month sees the release of a new book I’ve co-edited with Jeff Sparrow, Left Turn, on the role of progressive politics in the 21st century. It will be launched at the Sydney Writer’s Festival in May, and I’ll also be giving the annual PEN lecture on "Free Voices: Freedom of Expression in a Time of Complacency."

For a daily dose, here’s my website, Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time,


Antony Loewenstein
Independent Freelance Journalist and Author Sydney, Australia!/antloewenstein

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