#australia #environment UPDATE: Catastrophe on Great Barrier Reef averted – but more risk ahead

Update: Broken-down ship narrowly misses Reef, just a taste of what’s to come if mining export projects currently planned along the Reef get the green light. Watch this video and share with all your friends to learn the scary truth about what’s planned for our Reef: —

Dear tony,

Yesterday we heard news of a cargo ship that had broken down off the Great Barrier Reef. Marine authorities were deeply concerned it was going to drift into the Reef and run aground or cause damage in the form of a fuel spill. Many of us were anxiously awaiting news last night, desperately hoping that the ship would miss the Reef. Luckily, it narrowly missed, averting a potentially catastrophic fuel spill.

That’s great news for now, but this is just the beginning of dangerous scenarios like this if new coal export facilities dotting the Reef are given the go-ahead, turning our World Heritage Listed natural wonder into a shipping superhighway. All we need is one Exxon Valdez-style fuel spill and this fragile environmental wonderland and international tourist attraction will be lost.

On Friday we released this video which GetUp members are helping go viral online right now. The video, for the first time, connects the dots between the increasing number of threats to our Reef – including the massive increase in shipping traffic which increase the risk of a fuel spill.

We can help prevent this from happening. If enough of us share and expose the disturbing plan that people like Gina Reinhardt and Clive Palmer have to increase shipping, dredging, pollution and the risk of fuel spills and accidents on our precious Reef, we can make it toxic enough that no Government or investor will want to touch it.

Already, the Abbott point proposal for building the largest coal export facility in the entire world is in danger, with investors on the cusp of withdrawing.[1]

Let’s push them over the edge. First, we need to share the video that connects the dots of the threats to the Reef so we’re all on the same page. Then we will be in touch in the coming weeks with more ways in which together, we can save our Reef from these catastrophic threats.

We have a really simple decision to make. What do we value more? Our iconic natural treasure, or a little more cash from the mining boom – the majority of which will be sent overseas and most of us will never see anyway. Tell your friends why spending three minutes to watch and share this video could be the best three minutes they spend this year:


In hope,
the GetUp team.

[1] ‘Massive Abbot Point expansion plans on hold, labelled unrealistic and undeliverable’. Courier Mail, May 19th, 2012.

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