Things DON’T go better with Coke – 8 Billion cans and bottles are littered or dumped every year in Australia

MEDIA RELEASE – Monday 28 May 2012


The ad launched today by Coca Cola’s front group the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), shows the mounting desperation of the forces ranged against a national Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). It’s clearly yet another attempt to mislead and bully decision makers, warned Australia’s peak coalition of environment groups, the Boomerang Alliance.

“We saw the same thing in the Northern Territory as Coke and its dwindling band of allies attempted to intimidate the NT parliament, as it was about to introduce CDS, by running a public campaign described by the NT Chief Minister as misleading lies,” said Robert Kelman, Campaign Manager.

The facts speak for themselves:

– A national CDS will cost consumers just 1/10th of a cent per container and may well be zero

– 8 Billion cans and bottles are littered or dumped every year in Australia despite 30 years of promises from the beverage industry to fix the problem

– Far from costing jobs, South Australia’s CDS underpins 1100 recycling jobs and Scouts Recycling generates $22m p.a. in SA

– CDS guarantees eradication of can and bottle litter, and 80%+ recycling rates of these items

– If the AFGC is true, increasing the price of a case of beer in the NT by around $4 may well amount to price gouging and we will be investigating ACCC complaint options

– Other options to CDS assessed in the RIS are unproven anywhere in the world; if adopted they would not solve the problem, or address the demand from the community for real action on packaging waste

– The 10cent deposit is refunded in full to the vast majority of consumers who do the right thing. The ACIL Tasman report fails to factor this in.

“A national CDS is a long overdue waste and recycling reform, that will finally shift responsibility for wasted cans and bottles to the beverage industry, just as we are seeing responsibility for computer and TV waste shift to that sector,” said Kelman

“Coca Cola’s ideological opposition to a CDS is a menace and these misleading ad campaigns continue to destroy any social and political capital the rest of the sector could benefit from as CD schemes are enacted,” Kelman said.

For more information Jeff Angel 0418 273 773 or Robert Kelman 0423 573278

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