#Australia ns take a stand against the war on #WikiLeaks #Assange PLUS -> #rally4ja infoz

Australians take a stand against the war on WikiLeaks

Statement from Australian Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam, May 31st, 2012

Protests will be held around the country today to demand action from the Australian Government to protect Australian citizen Julian Assange from possible extradition to the United States.

Australian Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam will attend a demonstration in Canberra outside the headquarters of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade beginning at 4.30pm (EST).

“The Government has a duty to protect the human rights of all Australian citizens, and to provide them legal and consular assistance. The Government has done almost nothing to protect Mr Assange’s rights, have delayed and frustrated attempts to discover the truth surrounding the US campaign against him, and must enable his safe return home,” said Senator Ludlam.

“Wikileaks is being punished through legal attacks and a financial blockade by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and others for doing nothing more than what good journalists and publishers do: revealing the truth no matter how embarrassing to governments and powerful corporations. In Australia we have seen bipartisan political indifference on behalf of the old parties, indifference which on closer examination is outright hostility towards WikiLeaks.

“Yesterday’s verdict in the UK Supreme Court provides for another fortnight of legal limbo. It is another two weeks in which the important work of this publishing organisation remains almost paralysed. Whatever the outcome of the appeals over the next fortnight, Mr Assange is not out of danger until the threat of extradition to the United States is entirely removed.”

In addition to the capitals, events are planned for Newcastle, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton and Townsville. Details below:

SYDNEY: http://t.co/ymuWKk0H

MELBOURNE: http://t.co/c1NmxkYg

BRISBANE: http://t.co/iTonIFOV

PERTH: http://t.co/BmHmQNwl

ADELAIDE: http://t.co/SlTyY7QK

CANBERRA: http://t.co/ZskZoLFD

TOWNSVILLE: http://t.co/V08LxrRu

Media contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

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