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Self-Abuse Finally Ends

“… I now know this would be the most important decision I have made in my life. It gave me my life!”

said Juliet, 27 years of age.

“I have not hurt myself since February 2002”

Hi there everyone … J

SAFE in Oz in partnership with Baptistcare [Perth] in

Welshpool [WA] – 23rd & 24th July 2012

Attached is a workshop flyer and an electronic Registration Form for your convenience …

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please forward this information throughout your networks…

We aim to give workshop participants an insight into the headspace of one who self-abuses in order to better understand their ‘real’ world and experiences; focussing specifically on their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Throughout the workshop we encourage participants to employ strength based practice, in collaboration with their clients, as a means to discovering a myriad of healthier alternative behaviours to use in response to their inner trauma.

As self-abuse does not impact solely on the physical aspect of an individual’s life, we link self-abuse to its impact on the, mind, spirit and social aspects of life and explore the related long term effects.

We also discuss the connection between self-abuse and suicide, BPD [Borderline Personality Disorder], mental illness, sexual assault, domestic violence and adolescence.

The presentation mode for the workshop is both interactive and activity based and includes ‘real’ case studies, PowerPoint presentation and DVD.

Each workshop participant is provided with a SAFE in Oz brochure, pen and presentation folder. The folder includes a workbook for each day which contains a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, activity pages and additional subject related reference material.

The activity sheets include strategies and tools for use with clients, while the reference material acts to enhance understanding and give insight into related topics.

You can also access information on our website and links to our Training Calendar 2012, individual workshop information, generic registration form and our bi-monthly newsletter – ‘Hope, Help & Hanging Out’…

There are limited places for the workshops.

Thanks and have a great day

Kind regards

Annie Slocombe – 0433 085 367

Di Wines – 0417 303 505

P.O. Box 19 Foster Victoria Australia 3960



Pty Ltd.ABN 69 130 594 302 ACN 130 594 302

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Welshpool Flyer – Jul12.pdf

Generic Workshop Rego.doc

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