Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Sept 12, 2012 | Last update Sept 29 | Continuous updates below this post

Again, a movie was made, this time as vicious and with a spirit of xenophobic hatred equal the Nazi productionJud Süss.

Imagine… the last named movie would have been released today in stead of the Islam bashing movie called “The Innocence of Muslims

Mainstream media was swiftly launching into media that a movie had been the reason for an assassination on a US consul. Assassinations are not of Islam. As swiftly as MSM launched the incitement, MSM (dis)covered that it was a cover-up for a planned attack, a person “Sam Bacile” does not even exist and the real person behind the 5 million dollar movie seems to be as MSM reported earlier a convict alledgly sponsored by about 100 zionists.

People playing in the movie allegedly were not aware of their ‘part’ in…

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