Australia Internet Security Initiative: Working with Net Providers to Fight Malware

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09 Oct 2012 4:08 PM AEST – Aus Internet Security Initiative: Working with Net Providers to Fight Malware

The Australian Internet Security Initiative: working with internet providers to fight malware Australian internet users are better protected against malware infections because of the actions of internet providers participating in the Australian Communications and Media Authority's Australian Internet Security Initiative, according to research released today. The AISI is an initiative of the ACMA with 130 participants that include internet service providers and universities. Daily malware reports are provided free to participants. The Australian Internet Security Initiative-provider responses to security-compromised computers [link] report found that almost all of the internet providers interviewed use AISI malware reports provided by the ACMA to help identify and assist customers on their networks who are infected with malware. Malware can allow criminals to take control of computers without a user's knowledge to re-direct users to fraudulent websites, record keystrokes to steal a user's personal and financial information, and distribute spam. 'Internet providers perform an important role in the fight against malware and to best help protect their customers it is important that they fully action the AISI malware reports,' said ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman. The research of 24 interviews with ISPs and universities also found that: * many of the internet providers interviewed rely solely on the AISI malware reports for information about malware infections * internet providers usually notify their customers of their malware infection by email * over half of the providers interviewed also provide step-by-step assistance to affected customers if needed. Participation in the AISI by internet providers is voluntary. However, the ACMA strongly encourages new internet providers to join and help combat the threats to their customers' online security. The interviews included small, medium and large internet providers across Australia. They identified how providers act on malware reports and assist customers to resolve malware problems. The report also discusses potential improvements to the initiative. For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Blake Murdoch on media. 

MR74-12 – AISI report_753355.docx

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