#Australian Govt vacillates on 9 open cut mines in world’s second biggest temperate rainforest #environment

1.jpg AustralianGreens has uploaded Too Precious To Lose – The Tarkine.
Too Precious To Lose – The Tarkine
by AustralianGreens
The Tarkine is now seriously threatened from mining. To take action go to greensmps.org.au/Tarkine

The Australia’s largest intact rainforest, the second largest temperate rainforest in the world. It is recognized as being of world heritage value.

Since 2004, governments have passed the buck. They have refused to act to protect the Tarkine, as a national park, or to nominate it for National or World Heritage. Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke let the Emergency National Heritage listing lapse and deferred the decision on permanent listing.

Now, there are 10 new mines proposed for the Tarkine, nine of them open cut pits. Four of these including three huge open cut mines proposed by Venture Minerals are being considered for approval right now.

From March 2013, Minister Burke won’t even have a say on whether they go ahead, because the Government has done a deal with big business – backed by the Coalition – to palm off responsibility for most nationally important environmental …

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