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News from Scott Ludlam is the Australian Greens spokesperson for communications, housing, infrastructure, sustainable cities, nuclear issues, heritage, Burma and assisting on defence.

10 October 2012

A fantastic opportunity arises again next week as non-government Senators get to quiz Ministers and senior Commonwealth bureaucrats on any and every federal budget item, big or small.

Budget Estimates, which occur three times a year, offers us the chance to shine a light on the otherwise opaque decision making processes behind the commonwealth budget.

In previous session, we have uncovered scandalous details like the fact that the Department of Resources still spends millions of taxpayers’ dollars a year to manage the radioactive legacy left by the Rum Jungle uranium mine which closed 40 years ago; or that Australia’s Future Fund – which includes much of the commonwealth superannuation obligations – has extensive holdings in tobacco and nuclear weapons manufacturing.

I regularly quiz our nation’s leading transport and infrastructure planners about their inaction on planning for peak oil and I keep the pressure on the housing sector to ensure that measures to address affordable housing and homelessness are not being undermined.

You are a vital component in making these sessions really useful and relevant.

When we get information or questions from people working in the field who have a concern that something isn’t quite right, we can go straight to the top for an answer.

If you are a campaigner fighting to save somewhere that’s just too precious to lose – we can help you get information or clarification that may help your cause.

However, we can’t ask for opinions, only facts. And we don’t get a huge amount of time – so keep it brief and to the point. Anything that can’t be asked during session can be submitted on notice for later.

To see summaries of our work in previous estimates sessions, click on the links below
June 2012 November 2011 June 2011 Nov 2010
June 2010 Oct 2008 or visit Hansard

If you have a question or a tip off, send it to Senator.Ludlam and one of the team will see if we can put it to the relevant committee on your behalf next week.

The Estimates program, committee and portfolio information can be found here

We’ll let you know how it goes.

All the best,

Authorised by Senator Scott Ludlam
8 Cantonment Street Fremantle WA 6160

(08) 9335 7477

SG.61 Parliament House Canberra 2600
(02) 6277 3467

twitter @senatorludlam


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