W #Australia environment and #Indigenous heritage at risk -> Obligation now lies with Burke to protect James Price Point – Greens

30 October 2012

Obligation now lies with Burke to protect James Price Point – Greens

The Australian Greens say the obligation to protect James Price Point now lies with Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke, after the WA Government accepted the findings of the Appeals Committee’s report which found in favour of the original, tainted EPA assessment of the proposed LNG Hub and industrial gateway.

“It is incredibly disappointing that the WA Government has backed the findings of the flawed EPA assessment despite the astounding number of appeals lodged against their decision,” Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“The WA Government, led by Colin Barnett’s narrow vision, are now taking the next step towards industrialising the entire Kimberley region.

“The community has raised valid points, and it is disappointing that the appeals against the EPA Recommendations have been dismissed in this way.

“The EPA and WA Government have failed to adequately assess or address the significant number of issues surrounding this project, including the marine and terrestrial impacts, greenhouse gases and heritage concerns.

“The Federal Minister now needs to step in and act where the WA Government has failed. Yet again, a state Liberal Government is strongly prioritising the interests of the resource sector over the interests of local communities and the environment.

“The Kimberley region is too precious to be handed over to a future of industrialisation and exploitation,” Senator Siewert concluded.

Media Enquiries – Chris Redman on 0418 401 180

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