WTF Colin? W #Australia Barnett Govt gives #Chevron no limits on carbon emissions @RobinChappleMLC slams the Minister against the Environment for poor environmental decisions

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


Robin Chapple MLS slams the Minister against the Environment for poor environmental decisions

23 January 2013

US energy giant Chevron’s massive Wheatstone LNG project will not have any carbon emission restrictions after the State Government ignored its own independent advice and removed them.

The move comes after Chevron’s claim in July that the Federal Government’s carbon tax, which came into effect on July 1, had made the conditions redundant.

Despite the Environmental Protection Authority last month insisting the conditions complemented rather than duplicated the tax, Mr Marmion ignored the advice and upheld Chevron’s request. This was despite a report by independent consultants, Meta Economics, concluding that "Chevron’s case for throwing out all greenhouse gas requirements … is poor"

Chevron will only be required to report its emissions annually, even though the $40 billion Pilbara project could increase WA’s carbon emissions by 13.5 per cent.

Greens WA spokesperson for climate change, Robin Chapple MLC had this to say about the decision today:

“This kind of social and environmental irresponsibility, in the wake of independent advice, should be open to legal challenge and the Minister called upon to resign. In the wake of a similar decision to scrap pollution restrictions on the Browse LNG project, the people of our community have the right to start calling Minister Marmion, ‘The Minister against the Environment’, as he clearly has no intention of making appropriate environmental decisions when big industry starts to apply pressure.

The Browse development alone could increase WA’s greenhouse emissions by as much as 52 per cent compared with 2007 levels. Marmion going against advice from his own Department and allowing foreign interests free reign on our environment beggars belief’” said Chapple.

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said the State Government’s incompetence meant Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke would need to take responsibility.

“Minister Marmion has excused this extraordinary dereliction of duty by fobbing it off to Canberra. In the face of mounting damage caused by our rapidly changing climate, the Barnett Government has effectively declared it is not competent to run a modern state."

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