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The Greens (WA) THE GREENS (WA)
The campaign to protect James Price Point has reached a critical stage, with the WA Government recently handing Woodside permission to undertake the final part of their exploratory drilling program.

Unbelievably, the drilling will take part in an area that includes Aboriginal burial grounds – it will disrupt sites that are sacred to Aboriginal people. This is despite findings by a previous State Government that these sites must be protected for environmental and cultural heritage reasons.

That’s why we’ve made this video, telling the WA Government that there is strong, consistent opposition in and around the Kimberley against the development at James Price Point.

Today, in Broome, Mitch Torres, a traditional Jabirr Jabirr woman, and Greens Candidate Chris Maher are encouraging members of the WA community to enrol to vote in time for the state election.

Only people enroled to vote by Thursday 14 February can have a say about the future of the Kimberley. Make sure you are one of them.

The video will be launched at the Broome Convention Centre between 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Watch and share Mitch’s message to get the word out: the Kimberley is too precious to lose.

Yours in determination,

WA Greens Election Campaign

PS. Are you enrolled to vote? Lots of people have recently moved so make sure to enroll where you live. Click here to check your enrolment.

The Greens (WA) The Greens (WA) f The Greens (WA) | t @TheGreensWA |
Authorised by Adam Duncan, 445 Hay Street, Perth.

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