Greens @RobinChappleMLC highlights WA Govt. wasting more money on Coal-fired power

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


Greens WA say WA Government’s Energy Contracts are the White Elephant in the Room

8 February 2013

The long-promised Muja coal-fired power station refurbishment is still incomplete, and Treasury has now revealed that costs have blown out over $100 million.

The original cost of the project was $150, with costs now standing at over $250 million and still rising and no announcement of a completion date.

The Greens WA have hit out at the Government today about the cost blow-out and the unnecessary investment in fossil fuel generators.

“$250 million is a huge sum of money. It has been invested in refurbishing an outdated, fossil fuel plant. What incredible leaps forward could Western Australia have made if the Government had thought about the future of energy generation, instead of investing in old infrastructure? Why does this Government consistently pander to the fossil fuel industries, while barely bothering to look at renewable energy options and new technologies?” asked Robin Chapple, Greens WA spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change.

“The rest of the world is investing in renewable energy and seeing huge cost efficiencies and environmental benefits. We have incredible renewable resources in this state, and incredible technological and engineering skill, but we are forced to accept old technology for the sake of fossil fuel contracts that this dinosaur Government is locked into,” said Chapple.

“This Government has invested in a hugely costly white elephant for the sake of what it likes to call ‘energy security’, with no thought for the environmental, social or economic costs, and it’s not the first time. It’s time the Western Australian people refused this backward leadership.”

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Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region

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