W #Australia #Solar 🌞Help us get this on TV before it’s too late

The Greens (WA) THE GREENS (WA)
Our vision for 100% renewable energy solar Goldfields.

After a month where the temperatures recorded were the hottest our country has ever experienced, with hundreds of out-of-control fires blazing fires across the nation, the risks of climate change have never been clearer and the cause for action has never been more urgent.

We need your help to put this advertisement and others like it on TV.

The Greens are the only party that wants True Progress for Western Australia – and this includes 100% renewable solar Goldfields to rapidly reduce our carbon emissions.

Can you help us share our vision for Western Australia?


If we raise $700, we can put this advert on the air in Kalgoorlie during the news where 25,000 people will be watching.

If we raise $50,000, we can keep this commercial and others like it on Channel 7, 9 and 10 during prime time right across the state, when one million Western Australians will be watching.

We will be comprehensively outspent by the old parties in this election, so we need your help to get solar Goldfields and other images of true progress into people’s living rooms.

True progress in WA will depend on innovation and the roll out of technologies that support Australian manufacturing and jobs in a clean energy future. Only a transition to renewable energy can stop the devastating effects climate change that are already starting to impact on our urban water supplies, agriculture and our biodiversity.

Please chip-in and help us get the Greens vision of True Progress on TV.

Yours in determination,

Irma Lachmund
Campaign Manager
2013 State Election
The Greens (WA)

The Greens (WA) The Greens (WA) f The Greens (WA) | t @TheGreensWA | www.greenswa.org.au
Authorised by Adam Duncan, 445 Hay Street, Perth.

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