You’ve Got the Power

Glenn Mitchell, iconic ABC sports commentator, shares his story of depression and recovery.
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We Can All Make a Difference in Mental Health Issues

Be inspired and educated by keynote speaker and renowned sports commentator, Glenn Mitchell.

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Quick Facts

How is Your Business or Workplace Affected?

> More than3 million people in Australia experience depression, anxiety or related alcohol and drug problems each year.

> Depression is currently the leading cause of non-fatal disability in Australia, but only 3% of the population identifies it as a major health problem.
> Each year, undiagnosed depression in the workplace costs $4.3 billion in lost productivity.

> Each employee with depression will, on average, take three to four days off work per month which is equivalent to over six million days lost each year in Australia.

> Around half (50%) of people with depression don’t get help for it.

> Workplace stress is a significant risk factor for developing depression.

The Good News

> Research shows that implementation of early diagnosis and intervention programs can result in a five-fold return on investment as a result of increased employee productivity

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For more than two decades from early 1990, Glenn Mitchell lived a life that many envied. As a sports commentator for the ABC, and married to fellow broadcaster, Karen Tighe, he travelled the world covering elite level sport.

He also battled with mental illness. Join us on this special day and hear Glenn’s inspirational story.

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Financial Wealth and Mental Health Can Be Connected

Find out how to transform your fortunes.


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