#Perth developers sidestepping environmental regs? | event April 8th Hands Off Point Peron

Half-baked assessment of Mangles Bay Marina raises more questions than answers (Point Peron, Rockingham)

Dawn Jecks

Spokesperson and Founder Hands Off Point Peron (HOPP)

The EPA’s approval of Mangles Bay Marina exposes huge flaws in the assessment process, HOPP spokesperson Dawn Jecks said today.

"It is clear that this assessment was not rigorous and not transparent. The local community was not afforded the opportunity to make their voices heard effectively."

"A massively flawed process has delivered a massively flawed decision."

"We are disappointed the EPA is ignoring the considerable science against this reckless proposal. This evidence has been submitted, so there is no excuse for this outcome."

"The conditions imposed by the EPA are a mirage – it won’t be possible for the developers to meet them and all the ‘monitoring’ in the world won’t stop the inevitable problems emerging, and won’t be able to reverse the damage."

"As well as throwing a precious natural environment to the developers’

wolf pack, approving the Mangles Bay Marina proposal is also in flagrant breach of the 1964 Commonwealth / State Point Peron Agreement – an agreement which recognised the huge importance of protecting Point Peron."

"How can the WA EPA approve this project given the overwhelming body of scientific evidence of the likely disastrous environmental consequences?

It’s not good enough – and local residents won’t stand for it."

For more information contact Dawn Jecks


Also, please see Media Alert attached for an event to be held 08.05.13

Website www.handsoffpointperon.com

Media Alert for Wed 08 05 13 events.docx

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