Nuclear and Uranium Related Expenses in Australia’s Federal Budget 2013



  • wastes       Nuke Dump – $35.7m over 4 years    National Radioactive Waste Management — securing a site and First Stage business case   to “secure suitable volunteer site” and undertake initial scoping and design work, establish a Regional Consultative Committee and First State business case. (p253 bp2)
  •   India-uranium1Counsellor in New Delhi  – $3.1m over 4 years to continue posting a Resources, Energy and Tourism Counsellor in New Delhi is this to do with Uranium??


  • logo-ANSTO ANSTO = $38.7m for decommissioning High Flux Nuclear Reactor and $8.1 m for increasing costs of running OPAL Nuclear Reactor  (nuclear fuel and electricity) Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation — additional funding for decommissioning and nuclear waste management activities




 ARPANSA = $ 7.8 m over four years   Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency — improving Australia’s capacity to deliver effective radiation…

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