#Perth people, please share this great project where you can win cool tech stuff as you help #mentalhealth – Healthy Men, Healthy Minds

Promote men’s wellbeing and win an iPad Mini

Capture a great photo of a man in your life and you could win an iPad Mini to share your favourite photos in the St John of God Raphael Centres Healthy Men, Healthy Minds Photo Competition.

In the lead-up to Men’s Health Week (June 10 – 16), Raphael Centres across Australia are seeking to raise awareness of postnatal depression in men, which can affect up to 15 per cent of new fathers between conception and 12 months after childbirth.

If a man’s partner is suffering postnatal depression he is much more likely to become depressed himself but men are less inclined to access help for anxiety, depression and mood disorders – support that Raphael Centres can provide free of charge or at minimal cost.

The Healthy Men, Healthy Minds competition asks men, women and families to submit a photo which has been inspired by, or is reflective of, positive relationships between children and a significant male in their lives.

Entries can be made from May 30 to June 16 and full details of the competition can be found at the Raphael Centres website www.sjog.org.au/raphael There will be a public vote to choose ten finalists in the competition before a panel of judges chooses an overall winner to receive the prize of an iPad Mini and two runners up, who will each receive a $50 WISH voucher.

“Postnatal depression affects the whole family and when one parent suffers with depression, the likelihood of the other parent also becoming symptomatic is increased substantially,” said Anna Roberts, Group Manager for Early Years at St John of God Health Care.

“Men are often expected to be strong and capable yet fathers also have to contend with the emotional changes and challenges that a new baby brings to the family. At times this balancing or juggling act can be difficult and traumatic. For some men the struggle is reflected in emotional distress or depression.”

“We hope that through the Healthy men, healthy minds photo competition we can promote positive images of men’s mental health while raising awareness of the help that is available through Raphael Centres and other support services.”

St John of God Raphael Centres provide a range of services to parents and families affected by anxiety, stress, or depression during pregnancy and following childbirth.

Men’s mental health and early parenthood – did you know?

• The gender of parents is less important in influencing child development than qualities such as warmth, kindness and love

• An estimated 1 in 10 men will experience depression in their lifetime

• Up to 15% of men are at risk of developing depressive symptoms in the first year following childbirth

• Most major depressive episodes will last from four to 12 months

• When a family is struggling to cope with the birth of a new child, fathers often receive little help from health professionals

• A significant number of fathers (up to 1 in 2) may become depressed if their partner is suffering postnatal depression

• New fathers can feel marginalised, exhausted and depressed

For more information on Raphael Centre services or the Healthy Men, Healthy Minds photo competition visit www.sjog.org.au/raphael or the St John of God Social Outreach and Advocacy Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sjogoutreach

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