MEDIA: Domestic Power Bills Could Double as Gorgon Gas Enters Market

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


Domestic Power Bills Could Double as Gorgon Gas Enters Market

25 June 2013

Greens WA spokesperson on Energy policy, Robin Chapple MLC, today called on the state government to spill the beans on future power prices for WA families.

“I fear that power prices could double, almost overnight, as current domestic gas contracts expire over the next few years, to be replaced by new arrangements with North-West resource giants like the Gorgon project.

“We need to realize that something like 60% of the electricity used on the grid which supplies Perth, and most of the South-West, is generated using gas as a fuel – we’re not just talking about gas used directly for domestic cooking and heating.

“At Parliamentary Estimates hearings last year, I forced Synergy to confess that they had no surety of gas supply beyond 2015 – this is the scary part, because they’ve since negotiated new contracts with Gorgon, in a secret deal which will wind up costing Perth consumers dearly.

“In Parliament last week, in response to a direct question from me, the Minister refused to disclose details of the deal – instead falling back on that worn-out bureaucratic cliché of “commercially confidential”!

“Industry observers are well aware of what a lousy deal the government has done on taxpayer’s behalf – I fear we are looking down the barrel of well over a hundred if not two hundred precent increase in the wholesale supply price beyond 2015. ‘They got well-and-truly screwed’ was one insider’s succinct comment to me!

“The sorry tale of energy policy in WA over my time as a member of Parliament just gets worse, regardless of which team is currently governing. This state is heading towards a future where its major electricity grid becomes a stranded asset – beholden to ever-increasing fuel costs and maintenance issues.

“The economic case against renewable energy has had its day – the relative cost curves are now crossing over to make renewables the only sensible option for our future. The Minister for Energy should stand up to the Premier and make a serious effort to recast this state’s future energy landscape.

“So far, only the Greens have delivered a costed and viable renewable vision through our Energy 2029 plan”, concluded Mr Chapple.

Energy 2029 plan:

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