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Over the last few weeks the scandals and revelations have kept coming, as the scale of the United States’ secret surveillance apparatus, such as NSA PRISM, is slowly being revealed to the world. What we see now is a dragnet spying operation targeting everyone: you, your family, your friends, community groups, religious organisations, activists and political parties from all over the world.

Privacy is still a fundamental human right in the information age. It protects our dignity from those who would wish us harm and prevents the state from intruding into our lives. Privacy gives us the freedom to live our lives the way we want to and we need to defend it!

Actions are being planned on July 6 all around Australia. Get involved!

We have confirmation of the following speakers;

* The Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam
* EFA : Electronic Frontiers Australia chair David Cake
* independent journalist and online activist extraordinaire Tony "Perthtones Activism" Serve

We’re also expecting to have an announcement soon for speakers from the WikiLeaksParty and Pirate Party Australia.

Please share the following flyer with your networks and help as you can promoting this event…

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Our mailing address is:
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