#prism #prismbreak downunder Great work // Next event? // ABC Article correction

Perth #Prismbreak pics, vids etc. are on the way i’m told, meanwhile out east…

Hi All,

Great work in each city.. not the 10’s of thousands we all wanted.. but a good start with limited promo.

Any ideas on further actions/events being discussed yet, I understand there is a global day of action in late August.. which would give plenty of time to get the momentum for a more mainstream publicity of the protests (100’s of thousands?)

As some may have seen I was quoted on ABC online (and possibly radio)… and the article implies SAWC (Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition) is the sole organiser. I have sent a request for correction to ABC, awaiting response/correction.

For the record SAWC press release did state
"Protect our Privacy is a collaboration of concerned citizens including
members from the Pirate Party Australia, the Greens, Socialist Alliance,
Australian Sex Party, WikiLeaks Party, Electronic Frontiers Australia,
WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance and the Support Assange &
WikiLeaks Coalition." (The groups on ourprivacy.org.au at the time of press release)

ABC article -> http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-06/4803462

Other media spotted

and I hear Joe in Melbourne made it onto SBS TV news.



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