Gray shows folly of making ex-mining boss a Minister backs nuclear power – again v @SenatorLudlam

Gray shows folly of making ex-mining boss a Minister by backing nuclear power – again

Australian Greens spokesperson on nuclear issues – Senator Scott Ludlam. 17 July 2013.

Resources and energy Minister Gary Gray has again advocated nuclear power and uranium mining, showing his loyalty to the mining industry is distorting his judgement, the Greens warned today.

Senator Scott Ludlam said “An economists report has found the proposed first uranium mine for Western Australia – Toro’s Wiluna project – could only scrape a profit if the taxpayers foot the bill for the closure and clean-up of the site. The uranium sector is terminal, and it seems Gary Gray needs to be dragged kicking and screaming to the funeral”.

“At today’s uranium conference Minister Gray praised the Ranger mine’s output without mentioning its long and sorry history of accidents and spills.

“The deliberate myopia was particularly bad when the Minister mentioned the Fukushima Daiichi ‘incident’ and the fall in the world uranium price, ignoring the fact the uranium price had been disintegrating for four years prior to Fukushima, from a record high of almost $140 a pound to around $65 a pound. Minister Gray also neglected the fact Australian uranium was in all four reactors at Fukushima.

“Minister Gray’s claim that there is a significant role for uranium to play in addressing climate change is pure fantasy. In Europe 150 nuclear power stations are ear-marked for closure as countries such as Germany, Spain and Switzerland lead the way with huge and growing renewable energy sectors.

“Labor and the Coalition are in lock-step supporting the dangerous, dirty and obsolete nuclear power sector. Only the Greens are standing up for the clean energy and sustainable jobs the renewable energy sector will deliver.”

Media contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

Ranger’s record –

Toro’s doomed Wiluna project –

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