Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviour’ a2 day workshop #Perth #mentalhealth

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[The following training workshop is accredited with ACWA for 6 CPE points]

SAFE in Oz will be presenting in partnership with Intework, ‘An Introduction To Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviour’ a 2 day workshop in

Perth [Balcatta] WA – 29th & 30th October 2013 …

Attached is a Workshop Flyer and an electronic workshop Registration Form for your convenience…

Or, Perth [Balcatta] WA – 17th & 18th December 2013 …

If you are interested in the December workshop, please highlight this on your registration form – there are strictly limited numbers available for this workshop. I will send you a workshop flyer once I receive a completed registration form.

Issue 32 – Hope, Help & Hanging Out Bi-monthly Newsletter…

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SAFE in Oz aim to give workshop participants an insight into the headspace of a person who participates in self-destructive behaviour/s in order to better understand their ‘real’ world and life experiences.

Day 1 – What is it all about?

What is self-destructive behaviour? How do we know it is a self-destructive behaviour? Why do individuals do it? How does it deliberate? What are the triggers for self-destructive behaviour/s? and why does it continue to happen?

Day 2 – Our response to Self-Destructive behaviour/s.

Meeting the needs of someone who with self-destructive behaviour/s. Hospitalisation and associated problems. Treatment environments and points of intervention. Boundaries, support plans and essentials for behavioural change. Meeting the needs and supporting the worker. Introduction to ’Facilitating the SAFE in Oz Consumer Program’ a three day facilitator training workshop.

Throughout the workshop, SAFE in Oz will encourage participants to employ strength based practice, in collaboration with their clients, as a means to discovering a myriad of healthier alternative behaviours to use in response to their inner trauma.

As this behaviour does not impact solely on the physical aspect of an individual’s life, the workshop also links self-destructive behaviour to its impact on the, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of life and explore the related long term effects.

The workshop will discuss the connection of this behaviour and suicide, BPD [Borderline Personality Disorder], mental illness, sexual assault and domestic violence, offering an insight of the link with adolescence.

The presentation mode for the workshop is both interactive and activity based and includes ‘real’ case studies, PowerPoint presentation, DVD and an interactive game.

Each workshop participant is provided with a SAFE in Oz presentation folder. The folder includes a workbook for each day which contains a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, activity pages and additional subject related reference material.

The activity sheets include strategies and tools for use with clients, while the reference material acts to enhance understanding, give insight into related topics and support you in your work practice.

You can access information on our website and links to our Training Calendar, individual workshop information, generic registration form and our bi-monthly newsletter – ‘Hope, Help & Hanging Out’…

There are limited places for the workshop.

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Annie J

Annie Slocombe


SAFE in Oz

Training to work with & support individuals who have self-destructive behaviours in our community.

Mental Health – Walk The Talk

9 Kimberley Drive Traralgon 3844


Pty Ltd.ABN 69 130 594 302 ACN 130 594 302

Generic Workshop Rego-10.2.13.doc

Perth Flyer.pdf

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