URGENT: #ausvotes #australia personnel about to go to war with #Syria under direct US command, but Parlt won’t be told & media won’t ask

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Aussie sons & daughters are already under US command in the Persian Gulf (see this article from 2009 for just part of our deployment story) and are likely to form at least a defensive posture in support of the US attack on Syria in other parts of the Middle east.

R.A.N. ships have had many encounters with elements of Iranian forces since major deployment in John Howard’s illegal support of the invasion of Iraq and are on Tehran’s radar without a doubt. I can’t  speak to aussies deployed or embedded with US land, air, special ops or intel elements. That illustrates the problem.

Aussies will vote for a new Government next saturday but no-one is talking about or asking about the war elephant in the room. That is scary and echoes the deadly, dangerous silence before every disastrous military adventure where we rushed to support the US.

I may be wrong, but if so, let the PM and Opposition leader tell me and you that, and spell out what risk they are putting our defense personnel in the name of a discredited US administration.

The Government is about to enter caretaker mode so there will be none of the parliamentary scrutiny of our war effort, certainly no opportunity for the sound rejection of war that we saw in the UK Parliament. ( A vote that led corporate media to almost visceral condemnation of those who questioned war.)

Whether an attack on that butcher Assad is right or wrong is sadly irrelevant.

What matters is that our sons and daughters are in harms way without so much as a whats up? from any of us.

So, please dear former colleagues in mainstream media, do your job. Speak truth to power and question whomever’s in charge about what is going on and what danger they are putting our family members in to appease a Government that has admitted spying on all of us, including our Politicians.

Whomever forms Government will inherit a defense force already at war and out of direct australian control.

Thesedays we don’t expect fearless reporting from Murdoch media and precious little from the rest, so please, ask  your favourite news outlet and MP, as well as Abbott and Rudd ( Khaki Kev was quoted in John Kerry’s war-drum speech last night as saying ‘we can’t turn a blind eye to Assad’s actions’) WTF is going on?

post script: “lest we forget” successive LNP & ALP Governments have been exposed as not looking after those who’ve returned from other bloody misadventures with Uncle Sam & their weasel words on “our troops” are tragically laughable.

Personal note: I send love and support for those who serve and their families, but I have nothing but contempt for the bastards who send them to foreign lands to kill and be killed for the US.

tony serve


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