#australia Let’s turn up the heat on Govt for clean energy as retro laws hit the Senate. via @SenatorLudlam @RachelSiewert

Help us speak to the community about global warming.

Dear Tony

At the start of this week Tony Abbott’s bills to repeal our Clean Energy laws reached the Senate.

That means that now is the time to speak to the wider community,deepen people’s understanding of global warming and build our movement for climate action.

Can you join us when we hit the summer streets to talk with the people of Western Australia?

Currently we’re doing everything we can to stop Tony Abbott in Parliament from rolling back climate action.

But without a movement of people backing climate action and our Clean Energy laws, Tony Abbott will continue to claim he has a mandate and try to pressure the incoming Senators into supporting him.

We know the real threats that global warming poses to our environment and way of life. So it’s our job to get out there and make sure people in the community have the information they need to talk with their friends, family and neighbours and spread the word.

Can you join us when we hit the summer streets to talk with the people of Western Australia?

Tony Abbott wants to avoid taking responsibility for action. We can’t. Western Australia doesn’t want to. So let’s give them the information they need by knocking on their doors with us.

Sign up now to join us.

Rachel and Scott

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