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Audio Post – WordPress’s new post audio facility rocks – this was recorded via Skype using the awesome Blue Yeti USB mic. It’s phone quality output of quality input.

This 3 min audio was posted via a Skype call to a US landline ( provided by WordPress ) using the awesome Blue Yeti USB mic. It’s phone quality output of THX quality input.

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Click the blue link below for my high quality, local recording of the Skype call ( using Call Recorder V2.3.10 ) saved in Quicktime and uploaded as an mp3 – it includes the cool botVoice…Sweeet!

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Blue yeti USB Microphone – THX Certified ( and warm too!)

Click to visit Blue Microphones
btw… this is a totally unpaid plug…I just love my Blue Yeti.
The quality of the WordPress audio post isn’t great, but it may improve 🙂
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Ben Cousins’ Dad on radio 6WF – great work as usual by our ABC

If you’d like to hear Ben Cousins’ dad Bryan talking to abc local radio’s Russel Wolfe click here.

The interview reveals a great deal about a parent’s battle to support a child through almost unprecedented levels of pressure and scrutiny.

Please pass the link on to others, particularly those standing on soapboxes or flinging rocks from glazed domiciles, and to those whose mouths seem unconnected to any human brain let alone their own.

Congratulations to Ben and family, Kevin Sheedy, the mighty Tigers and kudos to Perth’s abc radio.

visit Richmond’s website here, and don’t be shy about joining the club or at least sending a message of support.

oh, one last thing… watch out for vultures! There are media people already drafting stories about Ben’s future failure – certain that it will come and that they will profit from his failure.

The best way to dreal with these flying vermin is to ignore them – so choose your media wisely

Social networking & social justice

You don’t have to be a geek to be inspired by new science.

Recently Australia’s ABC screened “Kevin Bacon Cures Cancer” – an inspiring look at how the urban myth of 6 degrees of separation has evolved into the exciting new field of “Network” science.

The math and human aspects of the story/science are intriguing and promise much for the future, especially in curing diseases like cancer and protecting or enhancing other networks such as the web, power grids and there’s even an application for the US as it tries to penetrate or destroy terrorist organisations.

Don’t worry if you missed the telecast – here’s the link

Speaking of networks, I’m calling for collaberators on a series of projects to produce resources for community and other NGO groups such as  radio and TV Public Service announcements to reduce the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness for a range of humans whose voices are often ignored.

I’m also keen to publish audio & video on a range of medical and mental health conditions especially for people outside big urban areas who often miss out on support and self help programmes in the big city.

Perth people can access excellent help from the NGO connectgroups ( for whom I conduct free media and web workshops ) and they need help developing resources for people outside the urban hub.
visit connectgroups at;

I’m also working with Zel ISCEL and the team at the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre  ( EDAC ) on some valuable education programmes and her excellent radio programme ” Ethnic Ability. ”

visit http://www.edac.org.au/ and click on the “radio” button for archived programmes.

Finally for now – anyone who works with recording speech may be delighted with a a free programme called “Levelator” which really makes a huge difference to the quality of recorded interviews and monologues.

visit   http://www.conversationsnetwork.org/levelator

and for iPhone geeks like me – you can now record broadcast quality aiff files and transfer to your Mac or PC with the iPhone app and syncing app available free at