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Barnett Government rules out lead safety option despite the lessons of the deadly Esperance contamination


Greens MP Adele Carles says she is shocked that the Minister for Environment has rushed through Magellan’s approval today, when the Minister knew full well that a large public company, Griffin Mining Ltd was offering to get involved in an alternative means of transporting lead that is more consistent with public health and safety.

“The Minister has rushed this approval through, before Griffin could get a fair hearing. Griffin went on the public record 2 weeks ago when it said on ABC TV that it would be financially viable for a refinery in Wiluna to be built to enable the export of lead blocks.”

“This would remove the risk posed by the release of lead carbonate dust.”

“This is what Magellan initially received approval for several years ago a

Australian Greens
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nd this is exactly what the Minister should be requiring Magellan to do now, given that the health of potentially thousands of residents is at stake” says Ms Carles.

“Magellan has a shocking history, it contaminated Esperance with the same product. It should not be given a second chance.”

“Given the bullying tactics we have witnessed this week with Irvernia threatening Griffin for daring to offer us a safe option, we dread seeing how this is going to play out in Fremantle.”

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tony serve blogs West Australian Government continues plans to sell off the farm to a mining industry dominated by greed and exploitation – Greens (WA) alarmed at Dracula getting keys to the blood bank!
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Uranium Industry meets to plan new mines AND nuclear power, whether you want it in Western Australia or not! join the *ACTION* Wednesday 22 July, 8am, Freo

speaking on July 4

Defend Fremantle‘s Nuclear Free Zone

Wednesday 22 July 8.00am – 9.30am
Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

Fremantle’s nuclear free zone is being undermined once again by a global uranium forum being held at the Esplanade Hotel.

Join us for muffins and music as we defend Fremantle’s stance against the nuclear industry.

We want to give a powerful message that the forum and the uranium mining industry is not welcome anywhere in Western Australia.

For more information contact Kerrie-Ann Garlick Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group 0402 180 737


Iconic Activist, former Senator Jo Vallentine

July 4 appeal to the US

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More nuclear accidents, dangerous leaks, waste risk and mismanagement won’t stop the RUDD Government’s approval of a huge new Uranium mine

Environment Minister Peter Garrett has formally approved the new Four Mile uranium mine in South Australia, saying it poses no environmental risks’.

The premier of South Australian, Mike Rann, welcomed the decision saying operations at the state’s nearby Beverley mine ‘show that uranium c

an be mined without damaging the surrounding environment’.

Which means neither man can have read the South Australian governments own figures into spills at the Beverley mine. Here are just a few [http://www.wise-uranium.org/umopaus.html]

Apr. 22, 2006: spill of 14,400 litres of solution containing approx. 0.5% uranium

Oct. 31, 2005: spill of 23,700 litres of mining solution, containing approx. 0.06% uranium
Aug. 8, 2005: spill of 13,500 litres of extraction fluid containing approx. 0.01% uranium

Mar. 7, 2005: spill of 50,000 – 60,000 litres of injection fluid

Dec. 8, 2004: spill of approx. 2,300 litres of mining solution, containing 0.028% uranium

June 13, 2002: spill of 1,750 litres of brine solution

June 7, 2002: spill of 1,500 litres of injection fluid in the well field

May 5, 2002: spill of 14,900 litres of water containing 0.0018% uranium

May 1, 2002: spill of almost 7,000 litres of brine solution containing some uranium

January 11, 2002: spill of 60,000 liters of groundwater containing acid and uranium, after pipe rupture

Fancy the premier of South Australia being so ignorant of such worrying safety violations going on in his own state. Scandalous.

In fact, that’s the word to sum up the whole Four Mile story: scandalous. Peter Garrett is a former campaigning rock star who fought doggedly against nuclear power before entering politics (‘Why would Australians support an industry that produces radioactive waste, toxic waste?’ he said just three years ago), And with the local Aboriginal communitie

s being (yet again) left out of the negotiations and decision-making over Four Mile, this all has a horribly familiar ring to it.

Click the pic for more from Greenpeace on uranium & nukes

from Greenpeace…Full Story here – please share


Meanwhile back in Germany the Uranium lobby is on the rise despite the following revelations of safety and management fiascos

Berlin- A damaged fuel rod sought since last week has been located inside one of Germany’s 12 nuclear power stations, regulators said Wednesday.

The jinxed plant at Kruemmel near Hamburg was shut down for two years by a transformer fire.

It was crippled again July 4 by a short circuit and was then reported to have a problem in one or more of its 80,000 fuel rods. Engineers took the lid off the reactor to find the damaged uranium rod.

The problems at Kruemmel have led to calls to retire the station and re-ignited debate in Germany about nuclear power as an election approaches. Anti-nuclear activists are also highlighting mismanagement of nuclear waste dumps in old salt mines.

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tony serve blogs Tsunami warning issued for SE Australia & ABC News Article link.

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Uranium and Nuclear Industry swings big club, claims opposition are “cavemen” leaves major questions UNANSWERED

How are we to believe that people who make huge amounts of money digging up and selling uranium are “experts?”

The article below seems to take the claim at face value and totally ignores ALL of the unanswered questions.

It’s time for nuclear power: “experts”

Cathy Alexander  July 15, 2009 – 4:49PM

Australia should drop the “caveman” approach to electricity and build some nuclear power stations, experts say.

The uranium industry is booming, with the federal government approving a new mine for South Australia on Tuesday. Full article here  http://news.theage.com.au/breaking-news-national/its-time-for-nuclear-power-experts-20090715-dlac.html

Meanwhile, real experts who have no VESTED interests are not mentioned! See the lionk below for some counterbalance.

See here for stories on Uranium Mining and Nuclear Power plants from Greens (WA) Senator Scott Ludlum, former Senator Jo Vallentine and video/audio from other sources such as Greenpeace

Click here for information from BUMP, ( Ban Uranium Mining Permanently )

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tony serve blogs Uranium mine given not-so-green light by fallen activist Peter Garrett, Greens say his Beverley decision is ‘delusional’

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Mental health news of vital interest to all from that oustanding news service- ABC Radio National

Tireless Perth advocate Lyn Mahboub has shared the audio programme ( and transcript ) below from the ABC that is of great value to ALL mental health“consumers”

{see also http://serve.tony.googlepages.com/LynMahboub.output.mov for a talk we had a few months back about the label of Schizophrenia and the group ” Voices “}

ABC Radio Background Briefing had an interesting program about the DSM etc


Expanding mental illness

Over the decades psychiatrists are finding and re-defining more of the constellation of emotions, reactions, and ups and down of life as mental illness. No surprise, there are pills to make everyone fit the normal template, even some for shyness. Reporter Hagar Cohen. Read Transcript


Title: Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness
Author: Christopher Lane
Publisher: Yale University Press

Title: Selling Sickness
Author: Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels
Publisher: Allen and Unwin, 2005

Title: They Say You’re Crazy: How The World’s Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who’s Normal
Author: Paula Caplan
Publisher: Perseus Publishing, 1995

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tony serve blogs Aboriginal women ’silenced’ over uranium mineABC News Article link.

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How does your Blog rate for traffic and how do they measure that?

technorati rates blogs by the number of links
technorati rates blogs by the number of links

Great piece on Blog numbers and metrics questioning the technorati gospel and predicting greater influence of actrvity within Twitter and other social network agents.

Much kudos to  Brian SOLIS at TechCrunch

click below for the excellent article

Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere? .