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@SenatorLudlum 26th anniv. #Chernobyl – nuclear power continues to kill also #australia #uranium in #Fukushima fallout

Scott Ludlum @ Glamwiki Canberra 2009


Senator Scott Ludlum on the 26th anniversary of Chernobyl – nuclear power continues to kill – also uranium from australia continues to kill in the wake of Fukushima – and Australia’s Government continues to leave australian journalists Julian Assange and Austin Mackell in harm’s way.

Scott joined me on Perth Talkback Radio 882 6PR on Sunday April 29 – runs 17 minutes 32 seconds

Read Senator Ludlam’s blog on Nuclear power and Aussie Uranium -click here



Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl disaster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The levels of radioactivity in the lava under ...
The levels of radioactivity in the lava under the Chernobyl number four reactor (1986, avg. values) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Entrance to the zone of alienation around Cher...
Entrance to the zone of alienation around Chernobyl. Italiano: L'entrata alla "zona di alienazione" attorno a Chernobyl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












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Lesley Dewar speaks about the GetUp candlelit vigil #vigil6100 and Johnathon Cooke live from Mission Australia’s Wintersleepout

Tanyia Maxted, John Cooke, Me & Lesley Dewar @ #wintersleepout 2010

Perth writer, activist and top tweeter Lesley Dewar

( @LesleyDewar on twitter ) joined us on 6PR to talk

about the upcoming Victoria Park Candle-lit vigil to remember

those lost to suicide and support those left behind.

Please click the blue link for the  interview with Lesley Dewar on the  Mental Health Vigil

Join us at Burswood Park this Tue Aug 10 at 5.30 pm and go to http://www.getup.org.au/community/gettogethers/series.php?id=29 for details and how your local community can take part.

John Cooke Interview for 6PR on the excellent Winter Sleepout

Mission Australia‘s Winter Sleepout is about raising funds and awareness of the thousands of children and adults living on the streets. Hear John Cooke from Professional Public Relations (@freocookster on twitter  ) as we cover why the sleepout isn’t about well off people sleeping “rough” for a few hours.

Also on 6PR Alex Kempthorne spoke to us about an upcoming event for the Green Network – a great group that brings resource companies and environmental firms together.

Alex Kempthorne from Liberty resources on the W.A. Green Network

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West Australian oil spill – Questions unanswered over Montara dispersants as toxicity concerns grow


Questions unanswered over Montara dispersants as toxicity concerns grow click this link for Burma Generals’ murky ties

Australian Greens Marine Spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert has expressed concern that information is still not available on the amount of various chemical dispersants used during the Montara oil spill

Senator Siewert has used Senate Estimates to raise questions about the dispersant chemicals used on the Montara oil spill off the West Australian coast.

Two chemicals from the Corexit family, the dispersants Corexit 9500A and Corexit 9527A were used on Montara and are being used in huge volumes in the Gulf of Mexico. Corexit is already banned in parts of Europe including the UK.

The US Environmental Protection Agency last week ordered BP to find alternatives to the dispersant chemicals it was using on the Louisiana slick after public concerns were raised over the toxicity of the dispersants.

“I find it incredible that we still don’t know how much of each specific dispersant was used on the Montara oil spill. At Estimates yesterday AMSA were still unable to tell us how much of each chemical was used, this information hasn’t been available to the Montara inquiry either,” Australian Greens Marine Spokesperson Rachel Siewert said today.

“This impacts the ability to asses the real environmental impact of Montara,” Senator Siewert said.

“I’m concerned about the way decisions are made on when, where and which dispersants are used by Australian authorities. I believe that he process for determining the toxicology of dispersants needs to be reviewed and that our environmental authorities should be involved in that decision making.

“Dispersant chemicals help the oil to move down through the water column. They can play an important role in protecting our coastline or key environmental assets like Ashmore reef – but there is also quite serious risks involved in their widespread use, particularly at a time when the fish and coral are spawning.

“The safety of these chemicals is in dispute – Corexit is banned in parts of Europe and questions have been raised over its use in the Gulf of Mexico.

“While each spill has different management needs depending on its size and location, the ongoing environmental concerns over Corexit in the US, coupled with the European bans should be raising a big red flag here at home.

“Over 185,000 litres of various dispersant chemicals have been used on the Montara spill, it is critical that all the information pertaining to these chemicals is forthcoming, and application processes given the necessary review and assessment.

“We may not know for some years if the dispersants, or the oil, have had an impact on recruitment in key fish stocks in our northwest fishery, given their particular vulnerability during their larval phase.

“There are major changes needed to the regulation and compliance monitoring of the oil and gas industry and the way we respond to disasters in our marine environment – I look forward to the release of the report by Montara Commission of Inquiry,” Senator Siewert concluded.

Senator Rachel Siewert

Australian Greens Senator for WA

P: (08) 9228 3277 | www.greensmps.org.au

27052010 MEDIA RELEASE – Questions unanswered over Montara dispersants as toxicity concerns grow.doc

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Important news for activists, advocates and old hippie geeks :) “Camp Obama” coming to Perth via getup.org.au

Via the team at GetUp

Joe Biden presidential campaign, 2008
Image via Wikipedia

The Obama campaign was one of the most successful on-the-ground campaigns in history. Millions of volunteers took the campaign to their neighbours and friends. Their secret? ‘Camp Obama’.

At ‘Camp Obama’ volunteers around the United States learnt how to integrate powerful stories with strategy and skills. Meeting each other at a million points of hope and energy, these stories transformed a political campaign into a popular movement. Now we’re bringing this powerful training to Perth.

We’ve already seen in the lead-up to the federal election that we’re back to politics as usual: sound bites, spin doctors and media pundits ignoring real people and their stories. This is the opportunity to learn the secret weapon of the Obama campaign so we can work together to make a massive impact this election.

Yes, I’m interested in attending the Community Organising Workshop.

Where: Venue TBA – somewhere in Central Perth
When: 15th and 16th of May
Registration cut off: 10th of May
Cost: $20 (this is to cover costs and includes lunch)
Spaces are limited — don’t miss out!

Click here to read the draft agenda and apply for the Community Organising Workshop

When you arrive on Saturday morning you’ll be greeted by an enthusiastic group of highly caffeinated facilitators. You’ll mingle with members of various organisations, like the Conservation Council of WA and the Union Climate Connectors. You might even be surprised to find one of your neighbours there.

And there will be a moment that day–when the room falls silent and your breath catches in your throat, as a story captures you completely. Often it’s the quiet person in the room that manages to blow everyone away. Last year, in Adelaide it was a story about the struggle to speak out against homophobia from within the church. In Sydney, an engineer who gained the courage, and learnt the skills, to talk with his coal-mining company colleagues about new directions.

With the looming federal election just months away, the skills, strategies and stories you’ll learn to tell will give you a powerful voice on issues from climate change to refugees. Click here if you’re interested in coming along, and we’ll give you a call to talk about the workshop:

Click here to find out more and apply for the Community Organising Workshop

The spin doctors, attack ads and focus group tested sound bites are waiting in the wings. Media pundits have their eyes on the political horse race, ignoring the people affected by the policies they squabble over. In this campaign, we will tell the stories of these people. Together we will provide the passion, humanity and energy so absent in the practiced smiles and hollow lines of our politicians.

Hope to see you,

Sara, for the GetUp team

PS – Can’t make the workshop but still want to be involved in the election campaign? Click here.

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Japanese Whaling Ships intercepted by Seashepherd vessel, Captain Paul Watson calls for action by Australia and New Zealand

The Steve Irwin and Bob Barker have succeeded again in stopping illegal Japanese whaling in Australian waters off Antarctica.

Seashepherd water cannon

Please click the pic to visit & support Sea Shepherd work to protect whales

Steve Irwin’s skipper Paul Watson spoke with Tony Serve at 2300 w.s.t Feb 8

2 More here on the shameful Japanese prosecution of activists who revealed a blackmarket in whale meat, showing flesh from the Nisshin Maru to media in Tokyo last yearthe United Nations  has now condemned the arrests

follow 6PR on twitter – Perth talkback radio

3 Earlier audio from the Steve Irwin broadcast on 6PR and online here

4 Greens call for an end to Japanese spy planes flying out of Perth to help whalers

Australia’s water supply will not come from the north, no pipeline or canal for W.A.: Alison Xamon Greens (WA) – NALWT report forces attention onto sustainable water planning

New report forces attention back to sustainable

water planning for Western Australia.

Alison Xamon MLC for East Metropolitan ( Greens WA )

Visit Alison Xamon.org.au for contacts and more

The Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce report ‘Sustainable Development of Northern Australia’ has at long last buried the calls for water megaprojects in the north of Western Australia as the solution to Western Australia’s water woes, Greens MLC Alison Xamon and spokesperson for Water said today. The focus for the future of water in WA must now move back to economic and environmental sustainability.

The NALWT was established by the Federal Government to examine environmental, social and economic opportunities in Northern Australia. It establishes a far reaching sustainable vision for the future of these precious landscapes in line with the principles of sustainable water accounting as espoused by the National Water Initiative.

“Colin’s Canal and Ernie Bridge’s pipe are last century thinking that have been finally laid to rest,” Ms Xamon said.

“Water resources in the north of the State are not unlimited and neither are they wasted. Free-flowing rivers provide immense opportunities for indigenous management of landscapes, tourism and a careful consideration of pastoral expansion.”

“The myth about a potential South Asian food bowl in the north of the State has also been exposed.”

The report urges a complete re-examination of agricultural production practices to focus on landscape resilience and carbon sequestration in native intact woodlands. Close management of water availability, water use and a precautionary approach to development, with much more water resource investigation is needed to generate data.

“Water use efficiency must be the intense focus for Western Australia from this moment forth. There is no big bucket of water that we can just hope will appear. In the face of climate change and after the hottest summer on record WA must become much smarter in using the limited water we have and focus on real solutions to our water shortages instead of pipedreams.”

“The time has come for the government of Western Australia to stop miming words about how special the Kimberley is, to stop regarding the Kimberley as one immense quarry and start providing sustainable and respectful economic and environmental opportunities for all communities in the north of the State.”

Farmers, cattlemen, indigenous, and environment groups have all supported the recommendations of the taskforce.

2010-02-08 – Northern Australian reports forces attention on sustainable water planning.docx

Greens Challenge Government over plans for Northern Australia

Greens Challenge Government over Northern Australia

The Australian Greens have challenged the Government to commit to implementing the vision outlined in the Sustainable development in northern Australia report released today.

The Australian Greens congratulate the Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce on their Sustainable Development in Northern Australia report, saying it provides a vision for sustainable development of northern Australia based on mutual respect, respect for indigenous peoples of the north and the environment.

“This report clearly demonstrates that there are significant constraints to development of Northern Australia,” said Greens Water Spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert.

“It clearly isn’t the magic food bowl claimed by some, and water and land aren’t unlimited. It’s also clear that we need a lot more information before we even think of the sort of extensive development we’ve heard proposed over the years.

“It’s time the ‘develop the north brigade’ took note of reality and understood the constraints and possibilities in Australia’s north. Hopefully the report will put paid to the belief there is unlimited water in the north – there simply isn’t.

“We have a chance to get ‘development’ of the north right, especially by learning from the lessons of southern Australia, which has seen massive loss of biodiversity and land degradation, overuse of water resources and dispossession of Aboriginal people.

“The Taskforce points the way for a sustainable future for the north of Australia – one that must include Aboriginal people at the heart of it.

“It sets the Government a clear agenda and we call on the Commonwealth to honour the huge amount of work undertaken by this Taskforce,” Senator Siewert concluded.

Fernando de Freitas

Media Advisor

Office of Scott Ludlam & Rachel Siewert

Australian Greens Senators for Western Australia

Suite S1.36 Parliament House, Canberra ACT
P: 02 6277 3467 |